ASMI Mission

The mission of the Arizona – Sonora Manufacturing Initiative is to increase the competitiveness of our bi-national region for manufacturing and the associated innovation, R&D and other activities.  These activities add significant value to our regional economy, and are essential to its future growth.

We accomplish this through:

  • helping companies build their strategic and organizational competencies to enhance their global competitiveness.
  • working with business, governmental, educational and NGO organizations to increase private-public collaboration to build regional infrastructure and business capabilities.
  • proactively exploring opportunities for bi-national collaboration that can foster improved understanding and mutually beneficial economic growth in the Arizona-Sonora bi-national region.

We work with small and midsize (SME and PyMEs) companies in both Mexico and the United States to help them understand the requirements for global competitiveness, and to develop export and other strategies to improve performance and grow profitably.

The Arizona – Sonora Bi-national Region

The Arizona-Sonora region offers companies in a range of industries — such as aerospace, defense, automotive, embedded electronics and optics — a location that has cost-competitive capabilities to support knowledge-based manufacturing, as well as the innovation and product R&D that fuel it. With an attractive cost-of-living, excellent transportation and logistics, competitive education capabilities and high quality-of-life, the region is ideal for many engineering, distribution and headquarters activities servicing North American and Latin American markets.

The Arizona-Sonora Region offers much more than manufacturing opportunity.
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